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I thought it would be interesting if I wrote about some of the products that I have tried in 2017.
I try to use everything before I offer it as a service or product at “Clouds”.



I decided to try microblading as my brows were not as significant as they once were.
I researched the mechanics of microblading and checked out the classes to offer this service if I was impressed.
I went to Boulder, CO to try microblading.
My eyebrows did not numb. So the complete process was torture. I do understand that many have numbed but I did not.
The process is that you are given little slices that represent hair with a blade. The dye is then placed into those cuts.
The first three months I loved my brows. The service tech that did my brows did inform me that I would need a touch up.
I thought to myself are you kidding. I couldn’t take the pain of not numbing.
The brows heal much the same as tattooing. A few weeks later I dyed my brows as without it the microblading looked brown with gray threads of hair through it.
My brows have faded and now look like a smudge.
On the left brow my tech made a small error and the brow has a smudge in the corner. It has significantly faded, but that is probably the best it will become.
I will not offer the service nor have that touch up.
Several of my clients/friends have tried this and even with a touch up they don’t like them within the first year.
This leads me in to…what do I do with my brows now.
First I tried


Seems somewhat like candlewax and has a tint.
Liked how it looked, couldn’t get it off without force.
Looking back at photos it wasn’t a very natural color and I tried two.
So hard to get off in fact that my brows seemed to thin as I had pulled out several hairs trying to scrub that off.


3 Second Brow

This looks natural and gives me a nice thick brow which I haven’t had since high school skinny tweezing.
This is a brow sponge that is stamped on.
I use a moist q-tip to clean up the edges.
I like this product.


Lash Extensions
I had taken the class for lash extensions when they first came out years ago.
I knew when I walked away that this would not be a service I would offer.
Each lash is glued to your exiting lash. The process is a couple of hours and regardless if your natural lashes dropping off is a “normal” thing,¬† this is similar to hair extensions on your head and will damage your natural lashes.
I cannot say this enough!
So many of my clients and friends were getting lash extensions I decided to try them before I continued to give an opinion.
I tried them for three sessions. I had them put on in Broomfield.
The first session they were the same size as my natural lashes. (I use Revitalash so my lashes are long).
You need a filler as the lashes shed in the three weeks between visits.
Second visit the tech lengthened them. The fill in process took about an hour.
When I went to the bathroom I saw an area that looked as though she had missed placing the new longer lashes.
She did spend the time to fill them in.
My lashes seemed thicker but not necessarily where I wouldn’t use mascara.
The third visit I was over it.
It took my lashes with Revitalash 9 months to recover.
Short and broken off. The weight alone harmed mine.


Magnetic Lashes
Oh how I looked forward to these arriving.
I at times am sensitive to the glue of lashes but like to wear them on special occasions.
The set of lashes that extend across the full length of your lashes  I purchased out of Boulder. They are cheap and ill made.
Hard to get apart.
The second pair are the original manufacturer that thought this up in the first place.
They are from the center to the outer corner of your eye.
These are well made, but don’t seem to change the look of my lashes enough for the hassle of the placement.
Also they seem a bit heavy after a few hours.


Lash Curling and Dyeing
After my lashes recovered, I learned of a process known as lash curling and dyeing in one treatment.
I offer dyeing, but liked the idea of curling my lashes.
A permanent solution is put on your lashes as they are glued to a rod (much like your hair on your head being permed).
Eyes stung and the solution burned my lash line. It was brutal and my eyes teared.
My lash line on the left had to heal for several days after that experience.
They looked good for ten days. After that they were bent in an odd way, 10 weeks out and it is finally gone.
No permanent harm done.


I hope this has helped with decisions you may make.
Have a wonderful 2018.

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