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Pro Power Peels

Introducing the Pro Power Peels


Ultrabright Peel is 30% Lactic Acid complexed with Phytic Acid, Mucor Fungal Extract, Grape Juice Extract and Tangerine.
This peel brightens your skin while hydrating. Reducing the signs of early aging. Skin tone will even out.


AdvancedRenewal is 30% Gylcolic Acid with Opuntia Flower Extract and Phytic Acid reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


AGEreversal Peel is 15% TCA complexed with Garden Sprout Extract, Soy Genistein, Phytic Acid and Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3 minimizes the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles to address advanced signs of aging.


PowerClear Peel is 2% Salicylic Acid with 10% Mandelic Acid and 15% Malic Acid and a patente4d Terpineol-Thymol Complex targets blemishes, post inflammatory hyperpigmention and redness.


These peels are the latest technology by Dermalogica.
I have faithfully used Dermalogica products for over 17 years.
I have tried the AGEreversal Peel. Very effective. No downtime. Peel is calmer then previous peels. Results are amazing.
I am excited to layer these peels.
Let me address your personal needs with these powerful new peels.
A series or a single?


Have an excellent day. Patti

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