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Winter Skin ?>

Winter Skin

Here we are in the middle of January 2019. As we run our heaters in our homes and vehicles, our skin becomes dehydrated. 64 oz of water a day is not too much. When we share our intake I am even coming up short. Let’s work on hydrating our skin with Dermalogica products such as Intensive Moisture Balance with a touch of Phyto Replenish Oil. Let’s give our skin the moisture it’s lacking. Our intake of water and what we…

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Pro Power Peels ?>

Pro Power Peels

Introducing the Pro Power Peels   Ultrabright Peel is 30% Lactic Acid complexed with Phytic Acid, Mucor Fungal Extract, Grape Juice Extract and Tangerine. This peel brightens your skin while hydrating. Reducing the signs of early aging. Skin tone will even out.   AdvancedRenewal is 30% Gylcolic Acid with Opuntia Flower Extract and Phytic Acid reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   AGEreversal Peel is 15% TCA complexed with Garden Sprout Extract,…

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Products 2017 ?>

Products 2017

  I thought it would be interesting if I wrote about some of the products that I have tried in 2017. I try to use everything before I offer it as a service or product at “Clouds”.     MICROBLADING I decided to try microblading as my brows were not as significant as they once were. I researched the mechanics of microblading and checked out the classes to offer this service if I was impressed. I went to Boulder, CO…

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Makeup ?>


I heard on the radio over the week end a very disturbing message. A product claiming it is so “pure” you can wear this foundation to bed. I have spent many years telling my clients just the opposite. Your skin needs to breathe overnight. There is not a foundation on the market that can allow your skin to breathe overnight. Please do not wear any makeup to bed ever! On Wednesday and Sunday I do not wear foundation or blush…

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The Holiday Parties And Your Complexion ?>

The Holiday Parties And Your Complexion

Standing at the buffet table snacking on probably the most fattening, deep fried, or creamy concoction that your best friend laid out. This is the Holidays. We all eat and drink a variety of goodies that normally we would avoid. Skin Maintenance= Cleanse your face, neck and chest with a professional cleanser (I prefer Dermalogica), twice a day.  Your complexion needs moisture with our furnaces running.   Use a medium weight.  If you tend to be oily use a light,…

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Thermo Clear ?>

Thermo Clear

I am now offering Thermo Clear Pro.  The digital system designed to upgrade and surpass Thermo Lo. Many of you are familiar with Thermo Lo and have significant results from the minor current. I have removed numerous sun lesions, age spots, skin tags and unwanted hair. I am having great success with the new updated Thermo Clear.  Treating spider veins, cherry hemangiomas and  hair removal is at a much faster rate of improvement.  Acne is dehydrated in moments.   In…

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Baby Foot ?>

Baby Foot

  Sandal season requires that we pay extra attention to our feet.   Baby Foot has 17 Natural Extracts that will not only peel off the dead skin cells, but will provide you incredible moisturizing power,  helping maintain your skin’s texture.  The main ingredient is fruit acid.   It has been used as a folk remedy for the elimination of bacteria, inflammation and psoriasis for several hundred years.  Helps to eliminate odor.   Baby Foot is simple to use, effective,…

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Dermaplaning ?>


My clients are so excited about Dermaplaning. The surface of their skin is silky and smooth. Their make up is gliding on with ease.   After a winter that has been harsh on your complexion, Dermaplaning is a wonderful way to eliminate the dead, dry cells remaining on the epidermis. Leaving your skin bright and ready for spring.